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USMC to send F-35B to UK for air shows January / 27 / 2016
The U.S. Marine Corps' Joint Strike Fighter is confirmed to support air shows in the United Kingdom this summer.

F-35B Lightening IIs from Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina, will showcase the future of airpower to international audiences at the Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford, England and the Farnborough International Air Show this July.

"The U.S. Marine Corps is looking forward to demonstrating capabilities of the F-35B Lightning II in the skies over the United Kingdom this July," said Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, Deputy Commandant for Aviation. "A joint USMC and UK detachment, supported by the Joint Strike Fighter Program Office and Lockheed Martin, will validate overseas deployment activities and prove program interoperability," said Davis.

This engagement will be the first overseas deployment of the U.S. Marine Corps' F-35 Lightening II.

"Lessons identified will support the standup of the Marine Corps' second F-35 Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA-211) this summer and Marine Fighter Attack Squadron - 121's (VMFA-121) move to Iwakuni, Japan--while supporting the continued advancement of the F-35 program," said Davis.

United Kingdom Defence Secretary Michael Fallon stated, "The plan for F-35 aircraft to take part in air shows here in the UK this summer is a significant milestone - for our Royal Air Force and Royal Navy personnel training hard to fly the F-35; for British industry who are contributing an impressive 15 percent of every aircraft; and for the British public who will have their first opportunity to see this remarkable aircraft in action."

The U.S. Air Force will also be sending their F-35A Lightening II to the British air shows. More information about their involvement can be read in their press release .

The Royal International Air Tattoo is scheduled for July 7 through 9, and the Farnborough International Airshow will be July 11 through 17.

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