27 Apr 2020 | SSIC 04000 Logistics

As of 1 May 2020 the FED LOG will only be available via electronic download.

FEDMALL now has the FED LOG download for free 24/7 for all .gov  and .mil customers on the NIPRNet/VPN.

The new FEDMALL URL is (copy/paste): https://www.fedmall.mil/index.html

There are two downloadable versions of FED LOG available.  The 'FED LOG
Complete' version contains all data normally found on the monthly disc
version, which averages around 1.3 gigabytes in size.  For a quicker
download, the alternative is the 820 megabyte 'FED LOG Lite' version.  The
Lite version does not contain Characteristics data, History data, and
Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE) data. FED LOG is available to
download at the beginning of each month.

The monthly download instructions from FEDMALL are:
1. Select the desired download by clicking on either the "FED LOG Complete"
or the "FED LOG Lite".
2. When prompted for the file download press "Save", then select a location
on your computer or network.
3. After download is complete, dismiss the file download by pressing Close.
4. Unzip the download file contents to the desired location on your computer
or network; it will be an exact copy of the previous CDs/DVD.
5. Double click on "IMD.EXE" from the unzip location to open FED LOG.
6. A short cut to IMD.EXE can be created and placed on desktop for easier