MCBUL 5210 DTD 5MAR21 - Extended until 5Mar2023
9 Mar 2021 | SSIC 05000 General Admin & Management


The Federal government recognizes the need to improve agencies’ efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness to citizens by converting paper-based processes to electronic workflows, expanding online services, and enhancing management of government records, data, and information. Beginning 31 December 2022, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and Federal Records Centers (FRCs) will no longer accept paper per reference (a). The Department of the Navy (DON) and therefore the Marine Corps, will be transitioning to electronic records management (ERM) to comply with references (a) and (b). This Bulletin outlines a series of policy and programmatic changes to the Marine Corps Records Management (RM) Program in support of achieving a fully ERM-compliant Marine Corps.

Cancelled by MCBUL 5210 dated 23Jun22.