MCO 5231.4
11 Mar 2024 | SSIC 05000 General Admin & Management

Data is foundational for all Marine Corps missions and activities, enabling the Marine Corps Total Force to sense, make sense, and act at the speed of relevance. Modernizing the enterprise’s information, data, and information technology (IT) infrastructure enables global data access; reduces barriers to secure data sharing; uses development, security, and operations (DevSecOps); and provides a hybrid, multi-cloud environment from headquarters to the tactical edge. Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) to distill and analyze the data leveraged by the Marine Corps is an essential capability; further, the responsible use of AI services can be a force multiplier. The Marine Corps will integrate responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable, and governable AI capabilities to ensure adherence to risk identification, management and mitigation, and ethical use principles in accordance with references (c), (o), and (p), with specific adherence to the six tenets for responsible AI use and implementation in reference (c). The Marine Corps Total Force will be manned, trained, and equipped to use data-centric and AI-enabled capabilities according to references (a) through (bf). This Order is in accordance with references (a) through (bl).