MCO 3070.3
26 Mar 2024 | SSIC 01000 Military Personnel

The rapidly evolving market and proliferation of Personal Portable
Electronic Devices (PPEDs) presents a significant risk to Marine Corps
personnel both on and off duty, and to Marine Corps operations globally.
PPED use can reduce situational awareness, compromise privacy, and threaten
operations security (OPSEC) per reference (a). Reference (b) first
established Marine Corps policy governing the use of PPEDs and official
portable electronic devices (OPEDs), directing all commanders to publish
detailed orders governing the use of PPEDs/OPEDs by Marines, Sailors, and
Civilian Marines by 1 January 2017. This Order supersedes reference (b) and
establishes guidance for commanders, leaders, and Marines to better address
PPED/OPED usage and associated risks, across the fleet. This Order applies
to the Total Force unless conducting activities, operations, or exercises
under the authority, direction, and control of a joint command or other
organization outside of the Marine Corps (i.e., units conducting activities
under combatant command (CCMD) authority or the direction and control of a
combat support agency (CSA)), with a policy that is more restrictive than
that established by this Order. In such cases, Marines shall follow the
guidance of that organization.