MCWP 7-10 (Formerly MCWP 3-40.8)
28 Jun 2016 | SSIC 03000 Operations & Readiness

Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (MCWP) 3-40.8, Marine Corps Componency, addresses the fundamental principles of Marine Corps componency. Moreover, this publication identifies changes in warfighting doctrine that have occurred since 11 September 2001 as set forth in The Unified Command Plan; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 3110.01, Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP); Navy-Marine Corps Directive 3000.18, The Marine Corps Force Development Planning and Execution Process Manual; and Marine Corps Order S3000.20, The Marine Corps Capabilities Plan. It describes the role of the Marine Corps component within a combatant command or joint task force and provides Marine Corps commanders and their staffs with broad guidance on componency issues. It discusses the role of the Marine Corps component commander and staff, their functions, and their relationships to the joint force commander and the other Service components.

This publication has been edited to ensure gender neutrality of all applicable and appropriate terms, except those terms governed
by higher authority. No other content has been affected.