MCO 6100.13 W/CH 2 Cancelled by MCO 6100.13A
3 Mar 2015 | SSIC 06000 Medicine & Dentistry

Marines will participate in an organizational and individual Combat Conditioning Program (CCP). The PFT, CFT and Remedial Conditioning Program (RCP) are components of an effective organizational CCP.

Summary of Changes

a. Current policy in MCO 6100.13 W/CH 1 related to the Physical Fitness Test/Combat Fitness Test (PFT/CFT) is inconsistent with time requirements allowed for female Marines to meet other standards (e.g., weight, body fat) after giving birth. This change alters the time period when a female Marine is required to take a PFT/CFT after giving birth from “no later than six months after returning to full duty” to “no earlier than six months after returning to full duty.”

b. Changed office code reflects the change in primary office of responsibility for this Order. New office code is for Training and Education Command, Marine Air Ground Task Force Training and Education Standards Division (C 466).