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Sergeant Major Green Wants to Know....Can You Start a Tough Conversation? April 29, 2019, Headquarters Marine Corps
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Ronald L. Green, shared his second video message to Marines as part of the Own It! campaign. In the video, he calls for Marines to “look...
Suicide prevention | Eliminating the Stigma Jan. 8, 2019, III Marine Expeditionary Force
Behavioral health specialists report depression and suicide ideation rates increase during the holiday season and into the post-holiday period in the Marine Corps, according...
Jacob Schick shares his story to raise awareness for suicide prevention Sept. 21, 2015, Defense Media Activity
As Jacob and David were walking into a 7-Eleven, a homeless man approached them begging for money. Jacob reached into his pocket, pulled out a five-dollar bill and gave it to...