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Date Signed: 9/29/2017
MARADMINS Number: 537/17

R 291251Z SEP 17
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  To announce that Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (DC MRA) has approved RA to reorganize, and will be effective 1 October 2017.  The reorganization is critical to implement Reserve Force 2025 directed changes and improve utilization of structure.  The reorganization is also envisioned to achieve the realignment of all manpower support activities to streamline Reserve Component (RC) manpower management functionality, reduce redundancy and enhance the division span of control.  These enhancements will support full-service manpower management support and comprehensive talent management for the entire ready reserve.  The reorganization directs the division to reduce the number of branches from four to two.  Reserve Affairs Management Branch (RAM) will absorb most of Reserve Continuation and Transition Branch (RCT).  By combining RCT with RAM, the division seeks to fuse accession and assignments under one branch thereby removing duplicated manpower services.  Reserve Affairs Personnel, Policy, Plans and Programming (RAP) has minimal changes and will maintain the current role and responsibilities.
2.  Mission.  RA is responsible for the development, review, promulgation, coordination, monitoring, administration, and oversight of Reserve manpower plans, policies, and programs on readiness, training, operations, budget, and structure necessary to meet Total Force Marine Corps manpower requirements.
3.  Organization.
3.a.  Reserve Affairs Division.  Includes the office of the director and administrative staff.
3.b.  Reserve Affairs Management (RAM).
3.b.1.  RAM-1.  Accession, retention and transition, formerly (RCT).
3.b.2.  Non Prior Service (NPS) and Reserve Officer Commissioning Program (ROCP).
3.b.3.  Continuation and Transition.
3.b.4.  Prior Service Retention (PSR) and Accession.
3.b.5.  Incentives, Training and Unit Diary.
3.c.  RAM-2.  Assignments and monitors.
3.c.1.  Combat Arms Monitors.
3.c.2.  Aviation Monitors.
3.c.3.  Combat Service Support Monitors.
3.c.4.  Administrative Monitors.
3.d.  RAM-3.  Reserve Programs and Data.
3.d.1.  Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Program Manager.
3.d.2.  Reserve Boards.
3.d.3.  Data and Systems.
3.d.4.  Joint Qualification.
3.e.  Reserve Affairs Policy, Plans and Programming (RAP).
3.e.1.  RAP-1.  Reserve Policy.
3.e.2.  RAP-2.  Reserve Plans.
3.e.3.  RAP-3.  Programming and Budgeting.
4.a.  RA Roles and Responsibilities.  RA is responsible to the DC MRA for the formulation of reserve manpower, plans, policies and budgets of the Marine Corps Reserve, and for the execution of approved plans and policies in these areas.
4.a.1.  RAM will serve as the principal staff advisor to the Director, RA for reserve accessions, incentives, training, assignments, and programs for the Marine Corps Reserve.
4.a.2.  RAM-1.  Accessions, Retention, Training (ART).  Manage the classification, assignment, and training of NPS reserve enlisted and officer Marines.  Manage reserve officer matters to include transitional appointments, continuation, reappointments, inter-service transfers, and reserve participation waivers.  Manage the reserve transfer of educational benefits and Montgomery GI-Bill Selected Reserve programs.  Manage all reserve reenlistments, extensions, and lateral moves. Manage the accession of enlisted Marines into the AR.  Manage and execute RC incentives programs and provide HQMC level unit diary entries.
4.a.3.  RAM-2.  Assignments. Responsible for the AR officer inventory management and assignment to valid AR requirements.  RAM-2 will also be involved in talent management for the Marine Corps Reserve.
4.a.4.  RAM-3.  Programs and Data.  Responsible for the execution of reserve boards, programs and career counseling.
4.b.  RAP will serve as the principal staff advisor to the Director, RA for coordination of manpower policy, plans, programming and budgeting for the Marine Corps Reserve.
4.b.1.  RAP-1.  Plans. Develop, implement and coordinate Reserve manpower and personnel management plans and associated funding requirements.
4.b.2.  RAP-2.  Policy. Develop, implement, and manage policies, procedures, and guidance governing personnel assigned to the Marine Corps Reserve.
4.b.3.  RAP-3.  Programing and Budgeting.  In coordination with Program and Resources, Manning (P and R (RFM)), plan, program, and budget resources to support the manpower program of the Marine Corps Reserve.
5.  Command and Control.
5.a.  Command relationships.  RA is task organized to directly support the DC MRA.
5.b.  Communications.  The RA website is under construction to reflect the reorganization and will be available 1 October 2017.  The RA website can be found on the Manpower and Reserve Affairs website at https(slash)(slash)www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/MRAHome
6.  Release authorized by Colonel J. M. Morrisroe, Director, Reserve Affairs Division, Acting.//