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Date Signed: 9/1/2015
ALMARS Number: 021/15

R 011752Z SEP 15
ALMAR 021/15
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. Labor Day is dedicated to the achievements and ingenuity of American workers, whose dedication contributed significantly to this great Nation’s prosperity. Traditionally, Labor Day marks the end of summer and provides one last opportunity for social gatherings and recreational activities typical of the season.
2. As you enjoy this well deserved break with family and friends, never forget that the Marine Corps is tasked with being the most ready when the Nation is least ready. In order to maintain this consistent posture, the Marine Corps needs each of you to return to duty safely, refreshed, and prepared to answer the Nation’s call. As we embark upon this holiday weekend, I charge every Marine to embody our ethos, that we are always faithful to serve our Nation, and in doing so, we must use good judgment and sound decision making to plan and execute our off-duty activities.
3. Leaders, engage with each of your Marines, be familiar with their plans and help them identify and mitigate risk associated with those plans. With the active participation of every Marine within our Corps, we can preserve our most precious asset, the individual Marine, Sailor and civilian Marine.
4. Semper Fidelis. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//