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MCO P1080.20M W/CH 1-2
SSIC 01000 Military Personnel // Current


Because this is a Distribution Statement B Publication, you won't find it on this site. 

You may find a  copy on the MCAPFEL & PLMS DVD-ROM set, PCN 71000025200 , mailed out

quarterly to US Government Agencies and their Contractors.

To obtain a copy of this DVD set, send your request to:


(703) 614-1712 or 1713

DSN: 224-1712 Technical Support

Email: smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil

The subject line should read "Help with MCPEL"

if you're not on ID to receive it.


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Re: M27 IAR

What're they usin now? Somethin called an AMR or something?

Re: M27 IAR

Don't get all touchy. How fast can you lay down a few well placed HEDP grenades on foot mobile enemy targets that are sp...

Re: M27 IAR

........why not just make M16s fully automatic again and save money?