Non-Lethal Weapons

Platinum Wolf 2016 kicks off May 14, 2016, Marine Corps Forces Reserves
The Marines of 4th Law Enforcement Battalion, Force Headquarters Group, Marine Forces Reserve, joined 3rd Civil Affairs Group, FHG, MARFORRES, and six other partner nations...
Marines learn riot-control techniques with non-lethal weapons March 31, 2015, Defense Media Activity
Infantrymen with Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, and artillerymen with Echo Battery, 2/6, trained with non-lethal weapons aboard Marine Corps Base Camp...
Marines complete riot-control training March 31, 2015, Defense Media Activity
“Shields!” shouts the platoon leader.The formation shifts as all shields and batons come up to the ready position.“Move!” He shouts again.In the early morning, an overcast sky...
New flashbang launcher expands Marines’ non-lethal capability Sept. 5, 2014, Marine Corps Systems Command
For Marines running roadblocks and vehicle check points, identifying an oncoming vehicle as a threat is a decision that has to happen quickly and at standoff range because...

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