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Marine Minute
Defense Media Activity - Marines
Sept. 11, 2017 | 1:00
I'm Lance Corporal Savannah Mosby with your Marine Minute.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Robert B. Neller attended and spoke at the 9/11 ceremony observance during Marine Week in Detriot, Michigan September 10th. Marine Week gives Marines an opportunity to connect with the people of Detroit and thank them for their unwavering support.

In Marine Corps History in 2001,
Tragedy struck on September 11th when a commercial airliner, piloted by terrorists, crashed into the Pentagon. 189 men, women, and children died in the crash leaving a terrible ache in America. Marines worked alongside other service men and women for days and weeks to aid in the recovery and rescue effort.

Also in the Corps,
Due to the impending threat of Hurricane Irma Marines stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina set up precautions for the storm September 10th. Sandbags were put in front of doors to minimize damage in case of impact, along with other procedures to keep the Marines safe.

That's it for your Marine Minute, for more news around the Marine Corps go to Marines.mil.