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Marines, with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, attach water filters to hydration systems for evaluation during an Experimental Forward Operating Base aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., May 4, 2012. Marines and sailors participating provided input on individual energy and water purification equipment. The Expeditionary Energy Office, Headquarters, Marine Corps, coordinated the XFOB for input from the servicemembers and suggestions for improvement.

Photo by Sgt. Amber Blanchard

Upgraded personal filter will deliver cleaner water for Marines on the go

23 Jan 2017 | Mathuel Browne Marine Corps Systems Command

The Marine Corps is investing in a next-generation water purification system that will allow individual Marines to get safe, drinkable water straight from the source. 

The Individual Water Purification System Block II is an upgrade to the current version issued to all Marines. 

“With IWPS II, Marines are able to quickly purify fresh bodies of water on the go,” said Jonathan York, team lead for Expeditionary Energy Systems at Marine Corps Systems Command. “This allows them to travel farther to do their mission.” 

Finding ways to make small units more sustainable to allow for distributed operations across the battlefield is a key enabler to the Marine Corps becoming more expeditionary. Developing water purification systems that can be easily carried while still purifying substantial amounts of water is part of that focus.

The current system filters bacteria and cysts, but Marines still have to use purification tablets to remove viruses. That takes time – as long as 15 minutes for the chemical process to work before it is safe to drink. IWPS II uses an internal cartridge that effectively filters micro pathogens, providing better protection from bacterial and viral waterborne diseases.

“IWPS II will remove all three pathogens, filtering all the way down to the smallest virus that can be found,” said Capt. Jeremy Walker, project officer for Water Systems. “We have removed the chemical treatment process, so they can drink directly from the fresh water source.” 

IWPS II can also connect to Marines’ man-packable hydration packs. 

“The system is quite simple and easy to use,” said Walker. “The small filter connects directly with the existing Marine Corps Hydration System/Pouch or can be used like a straw directly from the source water. The system has a means to backflush and clean the filter membrane, extending the service life. The system does not require power, just suction.”

The current system was fielded in 2004 and used by small raids and reconnaissance units in remote environments where routine distilled water was unavailable. Since then, the system has been used in combat and disaster relief missions. 

IWPS II is expected to be fielded to Marines in fiscal year 2018. 

“IWPS II will be especially helpful for deployed Marines in emergency situations when they are far from their base to ensure they have a source of water without resupply,” said Walker. 

IWPS is one of the many water systems fielded by MCSC’s Combat Support Systems. To read more about the capabilities fielded by CSS click here (