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WTI students shovel new knowledge

By LCpl. Cody Rowe , Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

U.S. Marine officers and staff noncommissioned officers from around the world conducted airfield damage repair during Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course 2-18 at Canon Air Defense Complex, Yuma, Ariz., March 28.

“Airfield damage repair can consist of spalls [small concrete chip] or craters,” said Sgt. Garry Stone, a Marine Wing Support Squadron 272 combat engineer.

“If ADR is not conducted properly, it can damage aircraft when landing or taking off and lives could be lost,” said Sgt. Nicholas Ackerman, a Marine Wing Support Squadron 272 combat engineer.

Junior Marines within the job field taught students how to identify and assess damage, then tested their knowledge through practical application.

The students were also taught how to cut spalls, operate a jackhammer, pour pavement, and fix craters. This training included learning the proper use of the tools necessary to conduct ADR.

In contrast to most students, the class attending the training today consisted of mostly officers and senior enlisted Marines. In leadership positions, their knowledge of engineering capabilities in a MWSS is very important, according to Stone.

“They understand that, in their position, they need to know the capabilities of how we work and how ADR operations are conducted,” said Stone. “The students are soaking up the knowledge.”

“It’s really important for the students to know [operations], even if they do not get attached to a MWSS,” said Ackerman. “If we do deploy, they’ll have the knowledge to lead us.”


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