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U.S. Marine Corps Pfc. Alfonso Padilla, guides a local elementary school child and his mother at a crosswalk July 18, 2019. Crossing guard duty is one of the multiple tasks conducted by Marine volunteers on Okinawa.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Samuel Brusseau

Marines volunteer as crossing guards for local elementary school children

18 Jul 2019 | Lance Cpl. Samuel Brusseau Marine Corps Installations Pacific

U.S. Marines hit the streets in the local community to assist as crossing guards for Chatan Elementary School July 18, 2019.

Three Marines on camp guard duty volunteered their morning to serve as crossing guards near the elementary school in support of the recent safety campaign.

“Today I’m pretty much just helping the little kids cross the street to go to school,” said Lance Cpl. Timothy Silva, with Combat Logistics Battalion-4, 3rd Marine Logistics Group. 

Silva is currently serving camp duty on Camp Foster, Okinawa for the next twenty days. 

The reason I am at this spot particularly is because there is a hill to my right, and what I was told was that, the cars, they just come speeding up here and can’t really see the kids when they are crossing, so I’m just here making sure that the kids that do come here, cross safely Lance Cpl. Timothy Silva, with Combat Logistics Battalion-4, 3rd Marine Logistics Group

The elementary school personnel and Marine volunteers made an effective team working together to ensure student safety.

“I volunteered myself for this duty, it is fun,” Silva also stated standing on a street corner helping children attend their second to last day of the school year. 

School will resume in September.

Silva went on to say that this duty has given him the best look into Okinawan culture.

“You get to see all the little kids, the local kids, you say hello to them and see how they interact with each other in the morning when they are tired and on their way to school.”

Marine volunteers participate in activities island-wide to enhance the relationship with the local community.

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