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Sergeant Steven B. Waddell, with Fleet Support Division, Production Plant Barstow, receives a quilt from Quilts of Valor during Quarterly Awards breakfast, Aug., 20. Quilts of Valor volunteers make quilts for deserving service members around the world.

Photo by Carlos Guerra

Service, Safety Honored At Quarterly Awards

28 Aug 2014 | Laurie Pearson The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

Quilts of Valor, Apple Valley Region Chapter, a group of volunteers who design, create then donate quilts to military personnel and their families, honored Sgt. Steven B. Waddell, a returning hero, during the Welcome Home Heroes portion of the 3rd Quarterly Awards breakfast on Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Aug., 20. 

   The quilt is a red, white and blue tribute to ‘anyone who serves, past or present,’ said Dee Brawley, one of the quilters and presenters of today’s quilt.  To date, Quilts of Valor has presented 104,364 quilts and will continue to do so even after there are no active conflicts, Brawley concluded. 

   Another Quilts of Valor volunteer, Nancy Hiles, stated “We are so grateful to our active duty members who are willing to serve, so we present these quilts full of hugs.”  This was a continuation of a theme highlighted in the opening prayer. 

   During the opening ceremony, Salvation Army Maj. David Ebel, acting chaplain for MCLB, announced that he is “honored and grateful to serve the people who keep us safe.”  

   He has served as a chaplain for more than 26 years in fire stations, five years in hospitals and 14 months in jails.  His service dog, Bucky ‘Wonderdog,’ accompanied him to the ceremonies.  Bucky is a proud member of the Compassionate Canine Corps.  He is trained to assist with daily tasks, as well as dog therapy, with the goal to be cross trained in trauma therapy to offer comfort, along with his owner, during disasters.

   The awards banquet was led by Col. Michael L. Scalise, commanding officer of MCLB Barstow, and Sergeant Maj. Karl D. Simburger, base sergeant major of MCLB Barstow.  They presented individuals with awards for specific accomplishments, such as Certificates of Commendation for work in support of the administration of MCLB, and for excelling during inspections in their functional areas. 

“It is great attitude coupled with competence that make people excel in their jobs,” said Scalise.  “MCLB is a great place to work, and a great place to serve.” 

   Scalise and Simburger also presented awards for group and divisional successes in areas such as Safety.  Scalise gave high praises to the safety award winners.

   “Their collective efforts, as well as those of their staff, contribute to the outstanding safety record for MCLB Barstow¬≠,” Scalise stated. 

Results of the Command Climate Survey, conducted in June, 2014 here indicated that every functional area of operation has improved over the last year. This remarkable record, said Scalise “has everything to do with focusing on each other, and reporting incidents when you see them.”

   The quarterly awards breakfasts are intended to honor the efforts of all those serving MCLB Barstow, whether active duty, reservists, retirees or civilians.  Scalise closed by echoing the sentiments of Quilts of Valor volunteer Hiles, “It is because of what they do, that we get to do what we love to do.”