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A UH-1Y Huey lands at Arizona State University Tempe Campus, Sept. 10, 2015, as part of Marine Week Phoenix. Marine Week Phoenix allows the Marine Corps to showcase its capabilities to the people of Phoenix who may not know about the Marine Corps.

Photo by Sgt. Cuong Le

ASU's day with Marines

11 Sep 2015 | Sgt. Cuong Le The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

The Marine Corps visited Arizona State University, Sept. 10, 2015 as part of Marine Week Phoenix.


The students were given the chance to see a UH-1Y Huey and AH-1W Super Cobra landing at ASU Tempe Campus. After the helicopter landings the students had the opportunity to interact with the pilots and their aircraft.

“Watching the helicopters touch down was really cool,” said Michael Frenandez a student from ASU. “This is the field where me and my friends normally play soccer so seeing a helicopter touch down where I normally do recreational activity is not an everyday experience.”

Once students were done talking with the pilots about their aircraft they would be able to see a demonstration of how military working dogs and their handlers trained. Some students were even given a chance to take part in the demonstration.

“You could really tell that the dogs were exceptionally trained and the Marines have done a fantastic job teaching them obedience,” said Frenandez.

The Marines also had instructors from the Martial Arts Center of Excellence demonstrate techniques from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. The instructors explained the importance of why all Marines must have a basic understanding of self-defense.

“It is really eye opening to see all the things that Marines can do,” said Edward Edjourian a student from ASU.

To show how Marines train, a combat fitness-training course was set up for the students to attempt. Although most students were hesitant to try the course, those who did gained a brief understanding of what the daily life of a Marine was.

“Going to the high schools and college campuses has been a very good experience,” said Sgt. Christopher Flores a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer from the Martial Arts Center of Excellence. “I want the public to know that we love what we do and we want them to know exactly what is that we do.”

Lastly the students and Marines moved over to the ASU Sun Devil Soccer Stadium where the All-Marine Soccer Team played the ASU Football Club.

The Marine Band San Diego started the game with an artistic version of the Marines Hymn, after, which the Marines conducted a live remake of the historic flag raising on Iwo Jima.

“I would love to get a beer with these guys," said Christopher Lacayo a senior from the ASU Football Club. "I think they are great people.I am going to remember this experience for a really long time.”

Next, both teams burst onto the field and decided who would go first by a coin toss from the sergeant major of the Marine Corps. Then both teams took their positions and began the match.

The United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon preformed a brief marching and rifle manual demonstration during halftime.

After this both teams again entered the field with the Marines trailing by one point, although the Marines fought hard to tie the game ASU ran the clock and beat the Marines 4-3.

“It was a really good competition and they gave us a run for our money,” said Lacayo. “It has been a really educational experience for me.”