Motor transportation Marines maintain combat mindset

23 Nov 2015 | Lance Cpl. Jorge Rosales III Marine Expeditionary Force

Motor transportation Marines with 3rd Marine Division gave counter-IED training a tinge of realism by detonating fake explosives during one of the training scenarios here, Nov. 19.

The Marines, with Truck Company, Headquarters Battalion, 3rd MarDiv, III Marine Expeditionary Force, exploded canisters of baby powder and compressed air to simulate IEDs during the vehicle convoy portion of the training. 

The Marines conducted two counter-IED exercises, which consisted of a soft hit, or an explosion which lightly damages a vehicle or Marine, and a heavy hit, an explosion that severely damages a vehicle or a Marine.

“With the simulated explosion, they can learn immediate action drills,” said Staff Sgt. Andre D. Davis, a platoon sergeant with Truck Company. "It helps them (achieve training and readiness) standards, helps them get more proficient at their (occupational specialty) ... and gives Marines more experience to be put in a leadership position."

Although the exercise with the simulated explosives was new to Truck Company, training is conducted frequently to prepare Marines for combat, said Davis.

Marines are always perfecting their training as they are always preparing for combat, according to 2nd Lt. Phillip Williams, a platoon commander with Truck Company. 

“Sometimes we get stuck in that admin mindset where we’re just moving equipment and packs to a location that they need to go,” said Williams. “With this training, it gets them back in that (Marine) mindset.”