21 Jun 2022 | SSIC 03000 Operations & Readiness


Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 8, Information, marks the establishment of the first capstone service doctrine to describe the purpose and mechanics of the Marine Corps’ seventh warfighting function. The purpose of MCDP 8, Information is to introduce a conceptual framework for understanding and employing the information warfighting function in addition to providing Marines with increased flexibility in their operational approaches across all phases of the competition continuum, in all warfighting domains. MCDP 8, Information is written within the context of a continuously changing global security environment. The Marine Corps' view of information is based on our common understanding of the nature of war and on our warfighting philosophy as described in MCDP 1, Warfighting. MCDP 8, Information is comprised of four chapters applicable to all Marines describing; the Nature of Information, Theory of Information, Effective Use of Information and Institutionalizing Information.