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    Re: I Am a Navy Corpsman

    I do remember reading about this in the news papers a very heroic story!

    Re: PTSD: Leaving the Past Behind

    I was on the animal planet web site left a message on the blog about a bigfoot discussion and i noticed something wrong....

    Re: Why Am I Here? A Drill Instructor&...

    OoohRah! I don't know if you are mentioning the same DI SSgt Mosley, but I graduated MCRD March 26, 1993 Echo Company p...


    Re: M27 IAR

    What're they usin now? Somethin called an AMR or something?

    Re: M27 IAR

    Don't get all touchy. How fast can you lay down a few well placed HEDP grenades on foot mobile enemy targets that are sp...

    Re: M27 IAR

    ........why not just make M16s fully automatic again and save money?