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A Marine with 3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company and a Japan Ground Self-Defense Force soldier shake hands prior to the start of a live-fire shoot together during Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015 at San Clemente Island, California, Sept. 1, 2015. ANGLICO Marines and the JGSDF conducted a combined arms shoot with naval gunfire, attack rotary aircraft and 120mm mortars. Dawn Blitz is a multinational training exercise designed to enhance Expeditionary Strike Group Three and 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade’s ability to conduct sea-basing operations, amphibious landings, and command and control capabilities alongside Japan, Mexico and New Zealand.

Photo by Lance Cpl. David Staten

ANGLICO, JGSDF conduct combined arms shoot during Dawn Blitz

2 Sep 2015 | Lance Cpl. David Staten The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

Marines with 3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company and soldiers with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force conducted a combined arms shoot with naval gunfire, attack rotary aircraft and 120mm mortars during Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015 on San Clemente Island, Sept. 1.

The purpose of the combined arms shoot was to strengthen the U.S. and its ally’s skill set.

“There is an art and science of integration of combined arms and particularly as it’s concerned with our allies,” said Capt. Kevin Fernandez, supporting arms liaison team leader with ANGLICO.

One American destroyer and one Japanese destroyer shot five-inch naval gunfire on San Clemente Island. The naval ships were shooting targets and marking targets for the Marines and the JGSDF as well as marking targets for the rotary aircraft.

Coalition participation has been incorporated to provide realistic training that leverages capabilities provided by each participant and strengthens relationships necessary to jointly respond to crises and protect collective maritime interests.

While Japanese procedures are slightly different than the Marines’, ANGLICO Marines were able to improve their interoperability with the JGSDF during the live-fire shoot.

“I am very happy to learn the team leader job flow as well as learning how the Marine Corps conducts these types of missions,” said 2nd Lt. Tatsuta, Shinichi, a team leader with the JGSDF. “I will take the skills I have learned here at Dawn Blitz and take them to my country, so I can share them with my subordinates and improve myself.”

“It’s great working with the Japanese,” Fernandez said. “They are very confident fire supporters, very confident in mortars and very confident in naval guns. I am pretty proud to see our guys develop and progress in their skill sets.”