MWCS-28 Marines lay early groundwork for WTI

27 Apr 2015 | Cpl. Unique B. Roberts The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

Marines with Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 are scheduled to complete the first phase of the Weapons Tactics Training Program at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, April 25. 

The program will help the squadron by building a base of knowledge across the ranks in preparation for Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course next year. 

“This will prepare the Marines for future operations by providing them with a better understanding of how the Marine Aircraft Wing and the control group functions; how Marine Aviation integrates with and supports the ground units during combat; and ultimately how the communications squadron helps to tie it all together by providing communication services to the Air Combat Element,” said Capt. Daniel Coy, the Headquarters and Service company commander with the squadron.

The Marines are scheduled to conclude the first phase of WTTP with a trip to WTI at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona. 

“Once they have successfully completed the program, the students participating in the WTTP will be expected to go back and spread the knowledge to as many Marines as possible,” said Coy. “They will have become much more familiar with how the squadron operates when we are supporting the WTI course in Yuma.”

The squadron selected six Marines for the month long program who will lead and train other members of the squadron before departing for WTI, said Coy.

“This program will give the Marines a great opportunity to lead other Marines in the squadron,” said Coy. “Marines selected for the WTTP have already demonstrated leadership qualities above their peers and this program will encourage them and others to continue to strive for excellence.” 

Cpl. Ryan J. Zabriskie, a cyber network operator with the squadron, believes that the training is essential for all personnel. 

“As a communications squadron, it is important to know how to operate [so that we can] support the mission,” said Zabriskie.

Communication Marines maintain and operate communication equipment to support training and operations for 2nd MAW and the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

WTTP will help the Marines of MWCS-28 during WTI and beyond, according to Zabriskie. 

“I think the program is great,” explained Zabriskie. “This is good training because we get to know beforehand and can specifically tailor the equipment to meet the mission’s needs.”